MSME schemes. Ministry of micro, small and medium enterprise.

Because they lack money and technology these industry and enterprise are the backbone of our economy and require aid as well as protection from larger corporations. To do this the government offers a variety of plans as well as subsidies and counselling to these enterprise and udyam registration.

The threshold for enterprise to be called as micro, small and medium.

The existing micro, small and medium enterprise classification was based on the criteria of investment in plant and machinery. So to enjoy the micro, small and medium enterprise benefit they have to limit their investment to a lower limit as mentioned below.

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Existing micro, small and medium enterprise classification these lower limit are killing the urge to grow as they are unable to scale their enterprise further. Also there has been a long pending demand for the revision of micro, small and medium enterprise classification so that they can further expand their operations while continuing to avail the micro, small and medium enterprise benefit. Now under the atmanirbhar bharat abhiyan the government revised the micro, small and medium enterprise classification by inserting composite criteria of both investment and annual turnover.

Also the distinction between the manufacturing and the services sectors under the micro, small and medium enterprise definition has been removed. This removal will bring the sectors closer together. The following is the revised micro, small and medium enterprise classification where the investment and annual turnover both are to be considered for deciding an micro, small and medium enterprise.

The administration has made another upward modification.

The revision of micro, small and medium enterprise classification allows for further scaling of business and also increases healthy competition among enterprise.

Micro, small and medium enterprise scheme launched by the government.

Memorandum on udyog aadhaar.

The government issues everyone with an aadhaar card which is a 12 digit number. The aadhaar card is a must in this case. The advantage of enrolling in this programme is the ease with which you can obtain government credit as well as loans and subsidies. Both online and offline registration options are available.

Zero effect zero defect.

In this model goods that are manufactured for export have to adhere to a certain standard so that they are not rejected and sent back to India. This strategy was created by the government to achieve this goal. If the items are exported they are entitled for certain discount and concession.

The standard for quality management and quality technology.

Registering in this scheme will help the micro, small and medium enterprise to understand and implement the quality standards that must be met in order to keep up with the current technologies. In this scheme activities are conducted to sensitize the enterprise about the new technology available through various seminars and campaign as well as activities.

Grievance monitoring system.

In terms of getting concerns from business owner addressed registering under this system is advantageous. Business owner can use this to check the progress of their complaints and open them if they are unhappy with the outcome.


This programme assist innovator in putting their novel designs and ideas as well as product into action. The government can fund up to 80 per cent of a project cost under this arrangement. This programme encourages the development of new item as well as fresh concept and design.

Capital subsidy system with a credit component.

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Under this programme company owners are given new technology to replace their old and outmoded technology. The capital subsidy is offered to enterprise to help them update and improve their operations. These small, micro and medium enterprise can directly approach the banks for these subsidies.

Women entrepreneurship.

This programme was created specifically for women who aspire to establish their own business. These women receive funding and counselling as well as training and delivery strategies from the government in order to manage and build their enterprise.

To learn more the government has developed a number of new programmes and support systems for small enterprise about the micro, small and medium enterprise scheme the following link of the government can be checked.

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