How To Cheap Travel Across Europe

Have you already booked a flight from USA to London or are you in the planning phase of your next European endeavor? Know how to cheaply travel across Europe to plan a budgeted trip across the continent.

Europe is a popular continent that always stays at the top of travel bugs radars. Its beautiful landscape, mesmerizing views, rugged hills, and sensational architecture have a big hand in making it everyone’s favorite. Almost every travel bucket list in the world contains one or more European destinations. And every traveler shares a dream to visit Europe at least once in a lifetime. 

Europe can be very expensive as a traveling location. Many travelers end up postponing their traveling plans to the continent. However, some ways can help you travel around Europe while staying within your budget. Thus, you may take your long-awaited holiday to Europe without breaking your bank.

Let’s know how to cheap travel across Europe

Choose FlixBus to travel from one part to another

Taking Direct flights to Poland from USA and are worried about the transportation costs in the country? Well, with FlixBus, you don’t need to worry about getting low-cost transportation in Germany. FlixBus is a Germany-based company that has changed the bus system across Europe. And made it possible to travel from one place to another at significantly low costs. 

The prices for taking a ride in FlixBus start with as little as 5 euros that go higher with the distance you are going to cover. Along with the cheap prices, these buses also facilitate their passengers with Wi-Fi, free baggage space, and electrical outlets services. The seats of the buses are of comfortable material that won’t give you back pain during longer tours. 

Stay first at air ticket bookings

Booking flights earlier is the best way to get great deals on air tickets to travel anywhere across the world. And the best time to book air tickets is 4 to 1 months before the flying schedule. Start by looking at airline prices and notice the days when prices are the lowest. And then use this data to book air tickets at cheap prices. 

Choose winters to travel

Most of the European countries face off-season during winters and thus the traveling costs are lowest during this season. Although these months are cold and rain showers are frequent but with the right travel itinerary, you must be able to make the most of your trip. If you are planning a solo trip to Europe, then plan it between September to November, as these months are a part of shoulder season.

Otherwise, you may end up feeling alone as a traveler in the country because of the low traveling rate during December and January. Pro tip: don’t forget to pack extra socks and waterproof gear while traveling to Europe during winters.

Make a list of free or low-cost places and activities

Europe is a rich continent with so many places that charge no or very few entry fees to visit. Make a list of such places and then pick the ones that grab your interest the most. And then include them in your travel itinerary while keeping it flexible.

Also, activities like taking a long walk on the banks of the River Thames and enjoying a day picnic at Hyde Park don’t cost you a cent and gives you a lifetime of memory. 

Take connecting flights

The best way to barter time with money is to fly to Europe through connecting flights. Connecting flights are a lot cheaper than the direct ones but take more from your time wallet than others. If you are a traveler who enjoys spending time at airports and flying for long hours, then you should take connecting flights.

Make sure to take only 2 to 3 connecting flights to travel to Europe as otherwise, the journey will become tiresome for you. 

Fly through budgeted airlines

If you are planning to take budgeted airlines, then this option is of your use, otherwise, you can skip it. The best option to book connecting flights is through budgeted airlines. These airlines charge the lowest to cover significant distances. 

As budgeted airlines don’t fly on longer routes, you cannot book direct flights to Europe from them. 

Use price-comparison software

Almost all the ticket booking portals provide you with a price comparison feature. You can use this feature to compare the prices charged by different airlines for covering the same distances. All you have to do is go to the internet and look for such software. And then you need to provide information like your preferred flying schedule flying and boarding destination.

All the flights that are flying during your preferred schedule, along with their prices, will come in front of you. Now compare the options and book the most affordable one possible.

Get yourself registered for a Eurail pass

Europe owns one of the best and well-connected traveling systems across the globe. And there are almost no parts in the continent where its transportation system can’t take you to. If you are someone who prefers traveling by train, then getting yourself a Eurail Pass will work to your benefit.

Eurail’s are more comfortable than traveling through a bus and have one of the most extensive rail networks in the world. European trains are hard to beat in both prices and convenience. And are a lot of trains more affordable than taking flights and bus rides or taxis to travel everywhere around.

But if you are planning to travel from one city to another, then trains in Europe can be a little expensive and thus there is a need to get yourself a train pass. Buying a rail pass is the best money-saving option if your travel plan includes a lot of travel through trains. 

Choose hostels and dorms over hotels

If you think that hostels and dorms are a youth thing, then it’s time to reconsider your opinion. No matter from which age group you belong, hostels and dorm rooms are the best way to get an affordable stay. Also, they give you like-minded companions that can turn into lifetime friends.

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